JCB Replacement Parts

Digger Parts Ltd only supply the highest quality digger & JCB parts, sourced from manufacturers in the UK to the highest specifications to give our products greater strength and durability.

We supply the following JCB Replacement Parts:

  • Front Loader Arms
  • Bodywork
  • Digger Cab Parts
  • JCB Backhoe Parts
  • Digger Electrics
  • JCB Control Parts
  • Hydraulics Parts
  • Front Axle & Prop shaft Parts
  • Rear Axle & Prop shaft Parts
  • Transmissions
  • Dipper Brakes
  • Engines & Parts
  • Mini-Digger Parts
  • JCB Bucket Parts
  • JCB Equipment
  • Excavator Parts
  • 1 JCB & Digger Front Loader Arms

    Digger Parts Ltd can supply a wide range JCB replacement parts for your front loader arm, including:

    • Bucket Pins
    • 3CX Bucket Pivot Bush
    • Bucket Retaining Clips
    • Bucket Teeth
    • Seal Kits for the front loader tilt rams, lift rams and 6 in 1 clam rams

    Our 10,000sq ft warehouse is capable of holding vast quantities of replacement JCB & digger parts.

    Stock levels are computer controlled and monitored to allow us to supply you with the front loader arm parts you want when you want them anywhere in the UK or around the world.

    Front Loader Arm Bucket Pins – Our bucket pins are made from fully hardened steel, giving them greater strength durability. Designed for use with the 3CX and Sitemaster ranges of excavator.

    Front Loader Arm 3CX Bucket Pivot Bush – Our 3CX bucket pivot bushes are manufactured to the same high standards as JCB parts with hardened steel.

    Front Loader Arm Bucket Retaining Clips – We supply both single and double coil Retaining-Clips in either 4 or 6mm wire diameter.

    Front Loader Arm Bucket Teeth – Our durable bucket teeth are ideal for 3 to 7 ton 3CX JCB buckets.

    Front Loader Arm Seal Kits for the front loader tilt – Loader tilt kits are suitable for loader lift cylinders.

    Front Loader Arm Lift Rams and 6 in 1 clam rams


    Quality Hard Wearing Replacement Front Loader Arm Parts

    Our range of front loader arm parts, are built to a very high standard to ensure that they are up to the job, sourced from quality manufacturers based in the UK.

    By restricting each JCB replacement parts product line to 1 supplier, allows Digger Parts Ltd to ensure the same high quality every time for our customers.


    Efficiency saving Front Loader Parts and Accessories

    By making sure you have the best possible parts for your front loader arm we can increases the lifespan of your machinery.

    We advise you of any additional parts and accessories we may assist you in using your equipment to its full potential, saving you time and money.


  • 2 JCB & Digger Bodywork Parts

    All types of front grilles for all ages of JCB 3CX machine.

    • JCB Front & rear mudguards – available at competitive prices.
    • All types of engine side panels for all ages of JCB machine.
    • Access Steps, available in both upper and lower and in left and right hand – these are manufactured in the UK using only the highest grade of materials.
    • In addition to this we can supply hydraulic tank caps and diesel tank caps together with gaskets and site gauges. Also we have Rubber Street Pads for the Jack Leg Feet in stock for all ages of JCB 3CX machines, they come complete with all bolts, nuts and washers.
  • 3 JCB & Digger Cab Parts

    We can supply cab mountings, inner and outer door handles and locks, gas struts for side door and rear window, rear window and side window plastic catches also interior and exterior mirrors, mirror glasses, arms and brackets

  • 4 JCB & Digger Backhoe; Dipper Arms, Boom, Kinpost & Carriage and Buckets

    We can supply a huge selection of JCB backhoe parts including all pins, bushes and seal kits for the rams. All pins, bushes and plastic slides on dipper arm. All pins and bushes on the boom. All pins and bushes in the kingpost and kingpost carriage. Parts for the slewing bushes, teeth, side-cutters, bolts, nuts and lynch pins on the buckets.

  • 5 JCB & Digger Electrics

    We can supply all engine warning light switches, front headlights, front side / indicator lights and lenses, rear tail light / indicator lights and lenses. Front and rear work lights. Forward / reverse switches and light / wiper column switches.

  • 6 JCB & Digger Controls

    We can supply JCB replacement parts for the controls of the JCB unit such as front and rear valve blocks and interior seals and valves, throttle cables, throttle springs and hand brake cables.

  • 7 JCB & Digger Hydraulics

    We can supply all ram seal kits, hydraulic filters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pump drive shafts and UJ’s, hydra clamp seals, bolts and nuts and washers.

  • 8 JCB & Digger Front Axle & Prop Shaft Parts

    We can supply all pins and bushes, oil seals, bearings, UJ’s, front wheel rims, track rod links (where fitted). Gears & prop shafts, UJ’s and straps and bolts.

  • 9 JCB & Digger Rear Axles & Prop Shaft Parts

    We can supply all bearings, oil seals, gears, o rings & propshafts, UJ’s and straps and bolts.

  • 10 JCB & Digger Transmissions

    We can supply oil coolers, parts for synchro shuttle, clutch units, torque converters, all oil seals, o rings, friction and counter plates and bearings etc

  • 11 JCB & Digger Brakes

    We can supply all brake plates, seals and hand brake pads.

  • 12 JCB & Digger Engines & Parts

    We can supply all filters, oil, fuel, air inner and outer, transmission filters, fan belts, silencers, gaskets, water pumps, radiators, lift pumps, thermostats, sediment filters, engine mountings, front and rear timing seals, fans and manifolds.

  • 13 Mini-Digger Parts

    Mini-diggers from JCB are very adaptable pieces of machinery due to their small manoeuvrable size and high strength. We supply many mini-digger spare parts and replacement parts.

  • 14 JCB & Digger Buckets

    The JCB & Digger Parts supplied by us include teeth, sidecutters , bushes, grease nipples, washers, bolts, nuts and bucket pins. They are also manufactured in the UK and are completely interchangeable with the original bucket.

  • 15 JCB Equipment Replacement Parts

    Each of our items of JCB Equipment available for sale are displayed above. Should you find that you are unable to find the JCB replacement parts that you are looking for, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

  • 16 JCB Excavators & Parts

    There are a wide range of JCB excavators available including micro, compact tracked and wheeled excavators which are ideal for all kinds of plant environments from small scale garden landscaping and house extensions to large scale construction sites and motorway expansion projects.

JCB Replacement Parts Enquiries

If you have a question or would like to order JCB & digger parts, do not hesitate to call us on: (0044) 01299 253 276 or email us via our contact form.