JCB Engine Parts

Digger Parts Ltd can cater for all of your JCB & digger engine parts needs to include the following.

  • 1 Fan Belts

    We can supply a full range of fan belts whether the machines is standard or turbo, for all ages and models of JCB. All made in the UK.

  • 2 Timing Case

    We can supply all types of oil seals. Only the highest quality offered.

  • 3 Flywheel

    We can offer the starter ring/flywheel and flywheel hub for all JCB’s.

  • 4 Engine Mountings

    We offer top quality engine mountings and high tensile bolts and washers.

  • 5 Cylinder Head

    We only offer genuine JCB or Perkins for the following:

    • Cylinder head gasket
    • Valves
    • Valve guides and push rods
  • 6 Rocker Cover

    We offer genuine JCB or Perkins for the following:

    • Gaskets
    • Push Rods
    • Inlet
    • Exhaust Valves


  • 7 Induction

    We can supply inlet manifolds standard build and turbo builds. Exhaust manifolds standard builds and turbo builds.

  • 8 Air Filters

    We carry a huge range of inner and outer air filters to suit all types of jcb machines.

  • 9 Silencers

    We can supply a full range of silencers and stack pipes also all studs, nuts and gaskets.

  • 10 Cooling

    We can offer the following:

    • Thermostats
    • Water pumps
    • Gaskets
    • And a full range of radiators which are all brand new and are manufactured in the UK.
  • 11 Lubrication

    We can offer oil sumps standard and turbo, Perkins or genuine JCB quality only. Oil filters standard build made by coopers filters (UK). Oil filters turbo build manufactured by coopers filters (UK).

  • 12 Fuel System

    We can supply sediment filters complete, sediment bowls, all types of fuel filters made by coopers filters or genuine JCB only.

  • 13 Fuel Lift Pumps

    We carry large stocks of all types of lift pumps for all ages and models of JCB machines.

  • 14 Turbocharger

    We carry sleeves and elbows all made from the highest grade of materials.

  • 15 Engine Gasket Kits

    We only supply genuine JCB & Digger Engine Parts or genuine Perkins top and bottom gasket sets for standard and turbo builds.