JCB offer a very comprehensive range of JCB excavators such as those listed below:

  • Micro JCB Excavators
  • Compact JCB Excavators
  • Tracked JCB Excavators
  • Wheeled JCB Excavators

Digger Parts Ltd offer a variety of JCB excavator parts to help you get the full use out of your equipment for many years to come, whether you need a replacement bucket, bodywork or hydraulics, our team of experienced professionals will be able to help.


  • 1 Micro JCB Excavators

    JCB excavators are available in a a variety of sizes, from micro excavator to large wheeled & tracked models. The smaller micro JCB excavators actually fit through doorways and very robust and hard working machines. JCB micro excavators are surprisingly powerful for their size and because of their compact size are able to access tricky to reach areas on building sites that would be out of reach for larger excavators.

    The fact that JCB micro excavators can fit through standard 2ft 6in door frames means you can easily drive them into your build area even if the foundations are up and the walls have been put in and easily onto different floors. This level of versatility is a massive advantage when building high rise blocks where you need to transfer heavy materials around.

  • 2 Compact JCB Excavators

    JCB excavators are also available in a range of mini and midi sizes offering more generous operator comforts, more control and overall performance. Their compact excavator range offers a machine ideal for all purposes and requirements. The range of compact JCB excavators features equipment with very compact designs which are all covered from the elements giving the operator comfort in all weather.

    In addition the compact JCB excavator range not only offers the user an enclosed control area but also excellent visibility which is important for any plant environment. All compact excavators feature accurate operator control.

  • 3 Tracked JCB Excavators

    If you require a large excavator for construction sites then the JCB range of tracked excavators is ideal for you. The range includes over 15 models ranging in size and specification, offering things such as multiple operating modes which optimises efficiency and JCB equipment models which automatically switch between economy and max power when you need it to save on fuel economy.

    The tracked range of jcb excavators features high quality Japanese hydraulic components and engines and their large format operator cabs offer comfort and reduced noise levels. Plus all the newest range of tracked JCB excavators feature the Plexus filter system for cleaner oil and means you won’t have to change your oil and filters so often, thus saving you money.

  • 4 Wheeled JCB Excavators

    For those environments where only wheeled plant equipment is suitable, JCB has a range of wheeled excavators offering comfortable cabs for operators and more economical engines to save owners money. By using proven components, wheeled JCB excavators produce better productivity, reliability and economy levels than previous models. They run off Isuzu engines which are built to provide high economy and serviceability and high performance.

    Each of these JCB excavators are designed to accomplish a specific task, whilst all being reliable, tough and cost effective.

JCB Excavator Parts Enquiries

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As with any piece of machinery it is important to keep spare parts, at Digger Parts Ltd we stock a huge selection of JCB excavator parts as well as digger parts for equipment such as these JCB and also other brands. Most of our parts are manufactured in the UK at the highest quality in order to provide long-lasting and efficient products.

Some of the replacement parts we offer used in JCB excavators are listed below:

  • JCB Excavator Buckets
  • JCB Excavator Buckets
  • Excavator Buckets
  • JCB & Digger Hydraulics Parts
  • JCB & Digger Cab Parts
  • JCB & Digger Engine Parts
  • Mini Digger Parts
  • JCB Excavator Parts – Buckets & Bucket Teeth

In addition to the parts listed above, we also supply a wide range of general purpose and ditch maintenance jcb excavator parts such as JCB excavator buckets and our excavator buckets come complete with teeth, side cutters, bushes and grease nipples.

You can find the rest of our product range listed on our JCB Digger Parts page. If you have any questions regarding our JCB excavator parts, please feel free to contact us via our website or by telephone on (0044) 01746 710032.

JCB Excavator Parts Enquiries

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