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JCB Backhoe Parts
JCB Backhoe Parts

JCB Backhoe Parts

Our JCB Backhoe parts available for the JCB backhoe loader range are extensive and are constantly growing. JCB Backhoe loaders lead the world in performance, reliability and innovation and as such require only the highest quality spare or replacement parts. Most of our JCB backhoe parts are genuine products made in the UK, ensuring precision and reliability.

Digger Parts Ltd can supply the following JCB backhoe parts:

  1. Digger Kingpost & Carriage (new not reconditioned) -

    Hyrdra clamp seals, bolts, nuts and washers all UK sourced to the highest quality. Steel bushes made from fully hardened steel for longer life and a plastic cap for the top bush.

  2. Digger & JCB Kingpost Parts -

    Kingpost is available but only as a genuine part. We only supply this backhoe part as genuine to make sure that you have the correct quality and reliability and are made in the UK.

    We keep in stock large quantities of the pins, bushes, washers, seals, o rings, circlips. All seals are UK made so are the bushes, the pins are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the highest strength and reliability and are treated against rust.

  3. Digger & JCB Pinion Shaft Parts -

    Is available where fitted again being precision made by a company that specialises in this type of product using the latest technology.

  4. Digger & JCB Boom Parts -

    We are able to supply all types of boom, these are genuine JCB backhoe parts and are competitively priced. We carry in stock all of the pins for all types of boom which are the best quality at very good prices. We also stock all bushes for each type of boom.

  5. Digger & JCB Dipper Arm Parts -

    Also included in our range of JCB backhoe parts are all types of dipper arm whether standard or extending.

    In stock we have all pivot pins made out of the highest grade of materials and treated against rust. We also have all types of bushes for the dipper arms whether they are spring steel or solid steel these are fully treated.

    We also supply the retaining clips again made from top quality materials designed to stay in place. We stock the extending dipper wear pads, both the plastic type and the bronze type for the top and bottom of arm. These slides are manufactured only using top grade materials.

    Also the bolts and washers for these slides are made from high tensile steel.

  6. Digger & JCB Tipping Link / Lever & Bucket Parts -

    In stock we carry all pivot pins and bushes for the tipping link, tipping lever and bucket. Our bucket pins are forged from one piece with no welding giving maximum durability and extended life.

    Our JCB backhoe parts such as digger bucket teeth and side-cutters are of the highest quality and are forged. The plough bolts and nuts for the teeth are fine thread and made from high tensile steel.

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