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Excavator Bucket

There are an extensive range of general purpose and ditch maintenance excavator buckets suitable for use with JCB equipment such as tracked and wheeled machines. Certain products may be more suited for use in different situations so if you have any questions about which spare or replacement JCB parts you may require, please contact us.

Types of General Purpose Bucket

General purpose buckets is intended to be useful for most excavation tasks. These models normally have teeth at the front which help to get purchase underneath the material that needs to be moved. This allows the bucket to cut through earth more easily than a flat fronted bucket by dragging it toward the machine.

Ditch Maintenance Bucket

These excavator buckets are intended to move loose surfaces and carve gradients into landscapes. They normally have a straight front edge which makes them ideal for clearing away the surface rather than cutting through it. Due to the flat front it makes this kind of bucket unsuitable for heavy digging. They will also normally be fitted with drainage holes which reduce the weight and make them easier to work with in areas where water may have collected.

Ribbed Bucket

This type of excavator bucket is specifically designed to work with backhoe machinery which drags the bucket along the ground behind the vehicle. The outer of the bucket is fitted with wear strips which give it the ribbed effect for which it was named. These offer a surface which is designed to be worn from dragging. These plates can then be replaced which extends the working life of the unit. As these can be used on a multitude of surfaces they normally have teeth similar to the general purpose models.

Dedicated Bucket

Dedicated digger buckets also have teeth, like the general purpose buckets and replaceable wear plates like the ribbed ones.

Grading Excavator Bucket

This type of digger bucket has a sharp edge with no teeth which make them ideal for carving gradients. The main difference between these and ditch maintenance buckets are the drainage holes which make up a larger area on the grading buckets which further reduces the weight.

Grain / Potato Shovel Buckets

This type aims to reduce potential damage to crops during transit by having a rounded leading edge. They may also include wear strips from the toeplate to the back of the shovel which can be replaced to prolong the service life.

Rehandling Excavator Bucket

This type of excavator bucket is normally used for loading tasks. The leading edge may have a drilled toeplate which allows teeth to be fitted for tasks which require the bucket to cut through the material. Rolled backs make it easy to release the material.

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We also stock a wide range of other JCB equipment & digger spares as well as excavator buckets, hydraulics, JCB 3CX parts, bodywork spares and front loader & backhoe parts.

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